Why do I need a website?

Well, the answer to this is to establish a presence or let the world know about your presence. Website has no geographical boundaries and people these days are getting more and more internet and technology savvy. People first find a business on website. No matter how small your business it has become very important for businesses to have their own website. We provide solutions to large enterprises as also startups.

Although we are located in West Bengal, Kolkata, www.call4website.com has clients all over the India. Some of our long term website clients we have not even met personally, many of our meetings take place over the phone or through an online service like Skype or chat. If a face to face meeting is what you prefer and you are not in the areas we are located, our website design company staff will travel to your place at your cost, if it is between 80km – 250km.If it is more than 250 km online service.

Our website company opened its doors in 2012 as a one person team. Not long after www.call4website.com grew into a team of dedicated web developers and designers. The team at www.call4website.com has over 15 years combined experience with the web portal.

Our website design company provides a wide array of website services, from design to development and custom applications. Our website company speciality is with search engine optimization, SEO or SEO based website designing. Our most popular service is to design and build custom search engine optimized websites but we also offer logo design and other hosting and domain services services. Click here for a full list and more detail about the services we offer.
www.call4website.com has experience working with lots of different types and sizes of businesses and organizations. Some of the types of businesses our website company has worked with includes: Heavy Industries, Medical, Non Profits, Restaurants, Mechanical, Industrial ,Institution,Ecommerce, Arts and Painting,Musical,Garments,Water Treatment Plant etc. and much more… While we have experience with all those types of businesses if you are in the same field or a new industry to us your website will be unique to what you do and who you are. Click here to view some of our favorite custom websites.
Every website our website company designs is laid out and looks completely different than any of other websites. Without actually designing your site we can't tell you exactly what it will look like, but we can determine what it will feature. We work with you to determine what you like and don't like in designs and use your feedback in our design concepts. Once your design is created, our website design company will work with you to determine if anything needs to be changed and will make as many changes as necessary to get your design perfect.
It depends on the size of your website. Smaller websites which don't require much programming typically take 7-10 days. Larger websites requiring a good amount of programming and database work can take anywhere from 30 days on up, depending on how large it is. Actual time to develop a website will vary from project to project and depends on client approval times. Click here to read more about our website process.
With the search engines there is never a guarantee. Our website company takes advantage of as many factors as possible to get you the best possible search engine ranking. However, no one knows all the factors used to determine ranking so there is no possible way to guarantee where you will rank. We use our best niche to promote your website.
It's hard to say. Every site is set up differently so the reason why your site is not seen in the search engines is going to be different than another site. If your site was not designed and built to show up high in searches it is usually hard to get a good amount of traffic to the website. Click here to read more about SEO websites.
If you are interested in a new website give our website design company a call at 833-493-2555 or email us at sales@call4website.com to get started. We will discuss with you all your needs and work with you to put together a detailed scope. Once signed off on we will begin the design of your new website and keep working with you from there.
It is a name that you choose and will help other people and businesses to identify your website. This will usually be your business name or your name or product name eg. www.sysmotech.in or www.notecountingmachine.in or www.google.com .
The website that Business Vision (call4website.com) designs and develops for your business needs to be stored some where over the internet. Many companies like Resellerclub.com,net4domain.in provides this Web hosting space on their web servers. And the whole process is called web hosting.
Dear reader if you are interested in taking your business online, understand this difference well.
Startup Website : Website that is written entirely using HTML is called Startup Website. Each page if Startup Website is a separate document and there are no databases or files involved. Means that the only way to edit staic website is to go into each page and edit the HTML.Which our talented developers will do for you.
Dynamic Website : Dyanamic is website is exactly opposite of static webiste. Here you can take control of the website and can make changes from custom made admin panel that Business Vision Development Team will design for you. This type of website demands complex coding and broader functionality.If you want to see the dynamic website running live click here This means you can make updates without needing any knowledge of HTML or any website software.
The cost of a website varies depending on what you need. Our website company does not have set packages, but rather design sites around what you want and need. Smaller sites that don't require a lot of programming will cost a lot less than those requiring extensive programming. Give our website design company a call if you are looking for an estimate for your site. Click here to learn more about how much websites cost.
Once your website is paid in full you own the website. If any changes or updates are needed we are here to help, but you own your files.
call4website.com offers hosting .We also offer a year of FREE hosting with the purchase of a new website.
Have another question not listed above? Feel free to contact us.